Ultimaker S5

Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. With simple setup, high uptime, and reliable dual extrusion, the Ultimaker S5 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Bigger Build Volume
  • Fast Setup, High Uptime
  • Easy Touch Control
  • Designed to Connect
  • Stay Connected, Stay Productive

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Build volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm
Assembled dimensions: 495 x 585 x 780 mm
Print technology: Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
Compatible filament diameter: 2.85 mm
Weight: 20.6 kg
Maximum power output: 500 W
Layer resolution:
0.25 mm nozzle: 150 – 60 µm
0.4 mm nozzle: 200 – 20 µm
0.6 mm nozzle: 300-20 µm
0.8 mm nozzle: 600 – 20 µm
XYZ resolution: 6.9µm, 6.9µm, 2.5µm, respectively
Feeder type: Dual-geared feeder, reinforced for composite materials
Display: 4.7-inch (11.9cm) full-colour touchscreen
Print Head: Dual extrusion print head with an auto-nozzle lifting system and swappable print cores
Nozzle Diameters: 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm
Operating parameters
Build speed: Up to 24 mm3/s
Nozzle temperature: 180 – 280 °C
Nozzle heat-up time: < 2 minutes
Operating noise: < 50 dBA
Build plate leveling: Advanced, active, automatic leveling
Build plate: 20 – 140 °C heated glass build plate
Build plate heat-up time: < 4 minutes (from 20 to 60 °C)
Operating ambient temperature: 15 – 32 °C
Non-operating temperature : 0 – 32 °C

Our Ultimaker S5 is our favourite machine here at Core Electronics, because it’s the one we have to think about the least. We use ours every day, and every day, without fail, it produces great results.

It’s obvious the engineers at Ultimaker understand that your goals aren’t to invest a huge amount of time to become a 3D printing guru, but to get on with making your ideas reality. This philosophy comes through in every aspect of working with this machine, from the integrated workflow, connectivity options, and extreme reliability, to the full-colour, interactive user manual built right into the machine.

Designed for ease of use and maximal productivity

Never used a 3D printer before? No problem. The responsive, full-colour touchscreen, integrated into the front panel of the Ultimaker S5, intuitively guides you through setup and maintenance operations, using simple, easy-to-understand language, complete with high-resolution images, so that everything is crystal-clear, regardless of your technical abilities.

The touchscreen HMI makes operation intuitive, effortless, and informed. Swipe through menus and tap options to select them, just like a smartphone. Detailed information, such as loaded materials, print cores, and the build plate and nozzle temperature keeps you up to date about jobs in progress, and a 3D preview lets you see what’s printing at a glance. And with eleven supported display languages, including English, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the Ultimaker S5 is accessible to users all over the world

High uptime and greater flexibility

Swappable print cores enable effortless, tool-free maintenance and maximum printer uptime. Achieve different print characteristics using different nozzle sizes, ranging from 0.8mm for rapid prints, to 0.25mm for ultra-fine detail. With two available print core slots in the print head, quickly and easily click in your desired combination for reliable dual-extrusion. Print with different colours for aesthetic impact, or use water-soluble PVA or Breakaway support for full geometric freedom, easy post-processing, and a high-quality surface finish, so that tactile presentation models, or complex mechanical parts look polished and professional.

To keep your print securely in place for the entire print duration, the Ultimaker S5 uses a large hardened glass build plate that quickly and easily clips onto an extra-stiff cast aluminum heated platform.

Dedicated support

While the reliability of Ultimaker’s products is legendary, they know that what’s even better is getting back up and running quickly and having somewhere to turn if things ever do go wrong. That’s why all Ultimaker 3D printers and software come with expert technical support and customer service – wherever you are, in your language and time zone – directly from the expert engineers at Ultimaker, with a range of support avenues to suit your needs:

• Ultimaker’s 3D Printing Academy to get your team up to speed,
• Several Software and Support plans to suit your situation (Ultimaker Essentials is included with purchase)
• Great online documentation
• A very active community of Ultimaker experts, and,
• Direct requests for support

A diverse range of engineering-grade materials

The Ultimaker S5 supports the full portfolio of Ultimaker materials, including ABSCPE+Nylon, and TPU 95A. A 750 g spool of Ultimaker’s newest material, Tough PLA, is included in the box of each Ultimaker S5. With high impact strength and stiffness, but with the easy and reliable printing experience of PLA, Tough PLA has mechanical properties similar to ABS, making it a great material for large functional prototypes, tooling, or manufacturing aids.

A smart spool holder conveniently clips onto the back panel of the Ultimaker S5, and accommodates two separate 750 g material spools. Load a spool onto the holder, and using the holder’s built-in NFC reader, the printer will recognize the Ultimaker material type, and automatically select the optimum printer settings, so you don’t need to.

Ultimaker’s team of material experts has performed rigorous testing on each Ultimaker material to ensure maximum compatibility with the Ultimaker S5, as well as optimizing over 200 settings in Ultimaker Cura, Ultimaker’s free print preparation software, to create material profiles. Use material profiles to prepare your prints, and take the guesswork and experimentation out of 3D printing, achieving high-quality results the first time around. And if you want to experiment with other materials, the open filament system lets you use third-party materials with ease.

Future ready, end-to-end workflow

Make 3D printing a smooth process by using an integrated ecosystem of software products designed to work seamlessly with each other.

With high speed Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity built directly into the Ultimaker S5, regular firmware updates, with new features and improvements, will enhance the printer’s capabilities over time.

Ultimaker Cura ensures a seamless workflow. Prepare prints, send them to the printer wirelessly, and monitor jobs remotely using the printer’s integrated camera. Learn more about Ultimaker Cura.

Get a mobile overview of each running job with the new Ultimaker app. Manage and monitor printers, and receive notifications on the go – even outside your local network.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Reliability
    Active bed leveling ensures a perfect first layer, a closed front controls airflow, and a filament flow sensor will pause your print and notify you if you run out of material. Trust the S5 to do its job while you do yours.
  • Bigger Build Volume
    A 26 Litre build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches) gives even more freedom to realize your designs or print multiple parts in one go, so you can meet demand with maximum efficiency, while fitting comfortably on your desk.
  • Fast Setup, High Uptime
    With Ultimaker’s unique print core design, swap nozzles in seconds to switch between build and support materials, or choose from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores for fast or detailed prints.
  • Easy Touch Control
    A 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display makes operating the 3D printer effortless, displaying visual guides to explain configuration changes and maintenance, plus a visual preview of your print.
  • Designed to Connect
    The Ultimaker S5 auto-detects material and print core configuration, while over-the-air firmware upgrades make adding the latest features simple. Print over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or from a USB stick, and monitor progress via the built-in camera.
  • Stay Connected, Stay Productive
    The Ultimaker app lets your monitor and control Ultimaker 3D printers from a mobile device and can even keep you updated with live notifications outside your local network.